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We, Safelogic Freight Agency, are a freight forwarding company that carries out multimodal freight transportation with in-depth specialization to reduce risks at all stages of transportation


Safe and timely delivery of your goods to your destination

Our approach

We strive to make the transportation process more convenient and even safer. Our SAFE approach is aimed at solving most urgent logistics problems.


Trust the market leader! Looking for cargo security guarantees for confidence and peace of mind? The company will undertake all responsibilities for voluntary cargo insurance, with verified insurance agents. If an insured event occurs, we will provide professional support for the execution and preparation of the necessary documentation for the settlement of losses. Insurance objects: any type of cargo transported by all modes of transport around the world, transportation and overhead costs associated with transportation.


Track your cargo in real time with the GPS LOCK service. On any device. The ultra-sensitive sensors of the device will immediately report any attempts of unauthorized access to the cargo. Transportation of goods using a GPS lock allows you to track the cargo in real time, control the movement of transport along a given route, and eliminate the risk of theft. The GPS device transmits data regardless of the prevailing weather conditions, distance and transportation methods.


We provide quality service. Each client has the right to receive from us flexible options for the delivery of cargo to the destination that meet his requirements. Whether it's day-to-day delivery or next day delivery. On time, anyway. If you are looking for a reliable partner in the field of logistics with affordable prices, a transparent work scheme and a high level of service - call, you will not regret it!


Check out our door-to-door delivery service. You no longer need to involve many counterparties to complete one order. The only contact for all cases is your personal manager at Safelogic. All transportation options offered by the company assume a door-to-door format. So safe and secure! The likelihood of force majored or damage and loss of cargo is reduced - each stage of transportation is under the responsibility and supervision of a company representative.

Our goal

At Safelogic, the keystone of our service is adherence to a high quality standard.

Our services

We provide comprehensive solutions at the highest level

Road transportation

Transportation of goods internationally: Europe (Germany, Poland, Italy, France, etc.), Asia.

Shipping worldwide

The SafeLogic company organizes sea container transportations, including bulk, loose, hazardous and refrigerated cargo, to the farthest corners of our world. Without hidden and unexpected costs. Reliable for your business.

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is a complex service for transportation of the same cargo by various means of transport. Your most demanding destinations need the safest solutions.

Railway transportation

Continuous improvement of our professional skills and expertise in the field of railway containers transportation allows us to offer new business benefits in this industry.

Regular and non-scheduled air transportation around the world

A strong supply chain is the key to the success of any business. SafeLogic cargo air transportation is discovering this advantage for you through its experienced freight forwarders, industry relationships and a network of reliable partners that is constantly evolving.


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