Safelogic offers scheduled and non-scheduled air services through its global network of partners. We conclude contracts for the organization of air transportations provide a full range of transport support services, carry out aircraft freight with the involvement of leading air carriers. We carry out regular and non-scheduled air transportation around the world. We deliver goods to and from countries in Europe, CIS, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Thanks to our developed network and advanced logistics solutions, our services are a complete solution for the transport of goods by air. Whatever the destination of the cargo and the delivery time, we will make sure that there are no disruptions in your business. Safelogic has successfully built strategic alliances with carriers that adhere to high quality standards. The result is 70% utilization of the total for major and potential carriers, securing market competitive rates, while protecting throughput during peaks.

You get:
Safety Supplies, parts and finished products must arrive in perfect condition;
Speed Through multiple transportation channels across the globe, country, or the city next door, seamlessly;
Accessibility With dedicated 24/7/365 customer service and detailed air cargo tracking information, regardless of the size of your freight;
Convenience Request shipping via phone or online with easy, straightforward instructions and understandable terms and conditions;
Economical Ship your air cargo without breaking the bottom line by selecting from an extensive selection of services to fit your budget.

Feel the comfort and peace of mind by partnering with one of the leading air freight forwarding companies. With the ability to deliver at high speed and at affordable prices, it is now easier than ever to coordinate shipments while avoiding delays in operations.


Safelogic provides a wide geography of logistics, combining global trade markets. Provides flexible and integrated sea freight. It offers a convenient and cheap way to transport containerized cargo over long distances. The low cost of sea delivery of goods is due to the large carrying capacity of ships and low transport costs. From any place of origin or destination, a simplified freight forwarder is offered to book cargo, arrange transportation and delivery.

Safelogic managers will determine the necessary mode of transportation of perishable goods, select the necessary transport, and develop the optimal route to ensure fast delivery of goods to the destination, adhering to temperature conditions. They will help with customs clearance of such goods.

Safelogic specialists always take an individual approach. They will offer solutions that meet your individual needs, regardless of the type of cargo and its destination.


Road transportation is the most flexible method of transportation that allows you to transport goods from door to door and calculate traffic schedules in accordance with the delivery times required by the client. SafeLogic provides a full range of services for the organization of cargo transportation by road. We carry out:

International road freight:
  • Transportation of goods in all European countries;
  • Transportation between the CIS countries;
  • Less Truck Load (LTL) cargo transportation within Europe according to the door to door scheme;
  • Consolidation and storage in warehouses in the European Union countries: Germany, Italy, Poland, Holland;
  • Execution of export and transit documents (EX1, T1, CMR, TIR);
Transportation of refrigerated cargo;
Full Truck Load (FTL) cargo transportation.


Safelogic offers high quality rail transport in cooperation with renowned carriers and freight forwarders. We carry out complex intermodal projects, wagon and container transportation, which we supplement with a range of related services. This delivery method is in demand due to the financial benefits and efficiency of long-distance transportation. Railroad transportation is universal, and is used to transport both raw materials and goods, in fact, with any characteristics: compact performance, temperature requirements or levels of protection against weathering.

The transport company guarantees favourable rates, adherence to delivery times, safety of transported goods, a serious approach to each order, a list of related services. Hire people who approach the task with graceful time management and reliable expertise, and who can use proven channel partners. Safelogic is a reliable service provider with many years of experience that can demonstrate a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of trucking.


The company provides multimodal services and logistics solutions. Door-to-door logistics around the world. We use our many years of experience to provide the most effective logistics solutions for our clients, no matter in what sector of the economy they work.

Intermodal services are different system solutions that can combine the use of road transport, rail transport and barges for the logistics of goods within the country. Why Choose Us? Safelogic will be able to offer customized solutions based on your needs. The company is constantly expanding its transport network, offering integrated transport services that meet the requirements of your supply chain. Our goal is to provide safe and efficient logistics for your cargo around the world. Multimodal solutions are supported by reliable transport services thanks to the company's cooperation with a whole network of ports around the world. Provide door-to-door delivery, maintaining connections with international commercial centres far beyond the port.

Safelogic is the scale, experience, knowledge and technical capabilities to ensure the fast and reliable transit of your goods using the latest technologies while maintaining the quality of the solutions offered. The principle of the service is that the cargo is picked up by a truck at the factory and, taking into account the bearing capacity of roads and bridges, is transported to the nearest inland port. Here, cranes lift it onto a barge, which will then deliver the cargo to the nearest appropriate port using the available waterways. Upon arrival, the car and box will be lifted off the barge, usually with its port crane systems, and transferred - directly or indirectly across the embankment to an ocean-going vessel. Using ground transportation services not only saves you time and money. It also makes your business more sustainable.