About us

Safelogic: reliable, high quality, fast

Safelogic is an international transport company. For a long time of its work, the company has found the necessary experience - successfully implemented more than a hundred international shipments. We have established ourselves as a professional logistics transport company, competent in any matter of international transportation of any cargo.

Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of logistics.
Perfectly versed in all technologies of transport and logistics processes and areas of trade.
Have the skills to communicate with suppliers and customers in order to optimize the process of moving goods.
Make the optimal routes for the movement of goods.

Modern equipment and extensive experience allow you to transport any type of cargo using standard or specialized trucks. As a team, we have gathered real professionals, and our branches are located around the world. We know everything about how to make freight fast, high quality, reliable and safe.
Our company is ready to become your partner and take on all the worries of providing freight from Asia, Europe, and almost any corner of the earth to Ukraine or another country. We offer really profitable and convenient cooperation. Many years of experience, perfect knowledge of the market, individual approach to each client, guarantee and transparency of work - all this distinguishes us from competitors.

We are interested in establishing a trusting, fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship with each client, which is why we have created many logistics solutions, among which everyone is sure to find an option that meets the needs. We are constantly evolving, feedback from customers helps to expand the range and improve service. We are convinced that the cornerstone of success lies in honesty and reliability, and therefore we are ready to vouch for every order accepted. Safelogic proves that affordable prices for services can be combined with their high quality - any cargo will be delivered intact, safe and on time.

Cooperation with our company gives the chance to receive a full complex of services in freight transportation, customs clearing, certification, and logistics. Use the service of delivery of any cargo from anywhere on the planet! Experience all the benefits of working with us. You can be sure that your product is in caring and reliable hands.


Using GPS locks:

GPS lock - an electronic device which is used to ensure the safety and security of cargo during transportation. With its help it is possible to trace cargo movements in the online mode, to control the temperature and timely detect any action aimed at attempting to open a packaging or a container.


Unique cargo seals

Sealing of cargo is always carried out with the initiatives of the shipper and is not a mandatory procedure. The consignee may also stipulate the installation of seals, this is specified in the transportation agreement. The seal can be considered as protection of cargo. This is a means of control that allows regular tracking of an unauthorized access to valuable goods during transportation by any means of transport.


Selection of contractors

We use a responsible approach to the selection of all contractors and check their reliability before signing each contract. Therefore, adverse situations are excluded.